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It takes almost 30 seconds for an experienced customs official to verify a passport with a person in front of him. With Gemini it’s a question of seconds. With the help of artificial intelligence a face can be matched with the profile image in a passport. No special scanners needed. Just a smartphone or a webcam.

Gemini can be used for any digital identification, like opening an online bank account, online gaming, online subscription to a smartphone contract, and so on.

Gemini provides a simple browser based solution for matching official identification documents with a face. With an easy 3 step workflow an identification document can be scanned via webcam or smartphone and matched with the person in front of the camera. Based on machine learning algorithms a match is calculated. More reliable as the judgement of a human, the machine matches a person within seconds. 


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your advantages


Gemini provides reliable identification over all ethnic groups within seconds.


The system scales. No matter how many transactions you want, the machine scales with the demand.

Software as a Service

Gemini provides an API for integration in your own application. The REST interface delivers reliable information regarding image quality and matching score.

No additonal hardware

Gemini works with just a browser and a webcam or a smartphone. Nothing else is needed.

Face Recognition
Face Fraud Detection
Face Matching
Face Detection
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