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Protect your reputation and avoid expensive penalties in the fight against financial crime, terrorist financing, human rights and environmental violations.

Every country has it’s own sanction and PEP (Politically-Exposed-Person) lists. To combine these databases into one is extremely complex. Also people who are close to those on a sanction list are hard to identify. The search on databases are not easy to use and search on PEP databases are complicated.

Image search is not available. Only via typing names. With the new MLD-4 (anti-money-laundering directive) the risk of having a client relationship with a person on a sanction list increases significantly. The fines are increasing. The risk of doing business with them is high.


Our face recognition technology verifies and screens identities in seconds. Libra also supports fuzzy text search and name search in multiple alphabets, such as Latin, Arabic, Greek and Cyrillic.


Our solution includes official watch lists and politically-exposed-persons. The data is augmented with Open Source Intelligence offering reliable results about entities, people and their surroundings.


The data is highly secured and time stamped information is available for audit trails and reporting.

Cloud based solution

A cloud-based solution for easy and cost effective deployment is available on a subscription basis or as an integrated workflow solution.

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